Spring and Fall - Lawn and Landscape Services

Clean-up Services - We offer both spring and fall clean-ups.

During the winter, leaves, debris, brush, and branches accumulate, which makes a mess of your lawn. In addition to removing this debris, we will remove any annuals, making room for new plantings.

In the spring clean-up, we'll hand rake gardens and beds, remove debris, and repair any damage that has occurred due to snow plowing.

Aerating/Overseeding - Over time, soil becomes compacted, which means there is no room for healthy lawn growth. Sunlight and water cannot get to the roots which will cause the blades of grass to die. This compaction needs to be relieved by mechanical aeration. We'll aerate your lawn – adding finger-sized holes into the soil -- to improve its growth, loosen the soil, and strengthen its roots.

Overseeding improves turf density and incorporates more desirable grass types into your lawn to help it fight disease, stress, and insects. Adding seed brings new growth, allowing new grass to grow and thrive. You'll see excellent results when we combine overseeding with aeration.

Dethatching - Dethatching removes dead grass and decomposing materials from your lawn. When this material grows on the top of the soil, your lawn becomes a home for insects and diseases. Dethatching in the spring and fall will minimize the number of insects, and will allow air, water, and nutrients to reach your lawn's roots. 

Mulching and Edging - While mulching and edging are not required to keep your lawn healthy, they're the finishing touches that make your lawn look fabulous.

Mulch adds dimension and beauty and ties the plantings in your yard together. A layer of mulch around your garden and shrubbery beds also protects the roots and soil. When it rains, mulch locks in valuable moisture, keeping plants hydrated. Mulch's slow and gradual decomposition regenerates organic matter back into the soil.

No matter what your mulch need is, we can provide it. We'll not only bring the mulch; we'll take care of spreading it for you. We leave clean lines and apply generous portions to assure that your lawn has an immaculate, finished look.

Edging forms a barrier to stop your perennials from spreading and helps with weed and erosion control. It not only assures that you'll have crisp, clean lines defining your beds, walkways, and yard, it also separates your plantings from your lawn.

Pruning - In most landscapes, a plant's natural form is best. When plants are properly pruned, it's difficult to see that they've been pruned.

Young trees need to be pruned to allow them to develop a solid structure. Trees pruned improperly or not pruned at all for several years will require heavy cutting to remove bigger branches and to prevent trees from becoming deformed. Pruning also helps to control the size of your shrubs and allows the removal of unwanted or dead branches.

Pruning in late winter, just before spring growth starts, leaves fresh wounds exposed for only a short time before new growth begins the wound sealing process. Also, it's easier to make pruning decisions without leaves obscuring plant branch structure. Pruning at the proper time can help avoid certain disease and physiological problems. Our services include hand pruning and shearing.

Leaf Pickup and Removal - Try not to wait until the last minute to get ready for the winter. It is so much easier to manage your lawn if you have us come once a month in the fall to remove leaves and clean out your garden. During the fall months, once the leaves have fallen, we will come in for a final clean-up. Your lawn may also require aeration, fertilization, weeding, and dethatching. These services will allow your lawn to recover from the summer months and get it ready for the next growing season. We also recommend cutting back perennials in the fall as part of the service.